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This page will have a copy of our latest organization newsletter. We will update the page each month.

Presidents message # 3
Wow!! That is the best word I can use at this time to describe the way things are progressing with the first two horse shows held so far this year at doechester. Just think  about the fact that seven authentic Arabian Native costumes were catering around the ring at the second show as an indication that our club is back in action.  Thanks so much to everyone who have such positive attitude towards making our club a strong forcein promoing the Arabian breed here in our neck of the woods.  Thanks very much toall the volunteers who make the shows run smoothly.  Thanks to all who contribute financially to our club by being members, entering classes and above all making cakes and allowing our club to reap the benefits of the raffles.
Last but not least, we welcome all the new membersto our clubthis year.  Your membership is valued and appreciated.
Now on the upcoming events.  You are reminded to come to London's Western Fair Agriplex to witness the 2008 region 18 Championshipss July 25 - 27th.  Come be part of the biggest Arabian Horse Show in Eastern Canada.  Bring along your friends and celebrate with the exibitors their participation and sucess in showing th Arabian Horse.  Although most of the exibitors are from south of the border, we wish them a great show.
This is a reminder of our last show August 24th and that we are having a double judged show. You pay two entry fees and get two sets of placings for year end awards but only need to make one trip.  This is to accomdate the rained out show in May.  We are the first Arabian Horse club to have douvle judged show.  Come see how it works out.
We are planning our year-end banquet and awards night in November again. Watch for details in the next newsletter.
It is my desire for our club to host a 2 day expo called " Strictly Arabian Horse " next spring. It will inclube many different events such as: clinics, seminars, tack auction, demonstrations, stallion row, silent horse auction, and guest speakers.  I will encourage your help in organizing such an event.
Don't forget to take your Arabian Horses to you local fairs and be involved in promoting the breed there.
Let's all work together to make Zone One Arabian Horse Club bigger and better again.
I know it can be done.
Adriaan (Art) Brand
2008 President

Zone One Arabian Horse Club