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You all have seen " The Black Stallon" where a young "Alec Ramsey" is stranded on a dessert island with only a Black Stallion to befriend. i will give you more information about arabians on the big screen!

Cass Ole


For the first movie, producers Tom Sternberg and Fred Roos and director Carroll Ballard spent months searching for the appropriate Arabian stallion, traveling to England, Morocco, Egypt and throughout the United States. At last they found their "star" in San Antonio, Texas; Cass Ole, the most honored Arabian show horses in the United States, owned by 18-year-old Francesca Cuello and her father Leo Cuello.

Three other horses were trained with Cass Ole for the production. FAE-JUR, an Arabian stallion from the Jack Tone Ranch in Stockton, was chosen by director Ballard for his unique liveliness, as Cass's double. The two horses owned by stunt coordinator Glen Randall, Jr. were trained more specifically for the fighting and running stunts. All four horses were brought together at the Randall Ranch in Newhall, Cal, in the spring of 1977 for an eleven-week training session before the filming began.

Kelly Reno who played the role of Alec Ramsey was an excellent rider, and trained with Cass Ole' extensively, establishing a rapport with his equine costar that would add immeasurably to the film.

Cass Ole looks over the cliffs of Sardinia

For location, the crew scouted many places, but finally settled on Sardinia for the island scenes and Toronto, Canada for the city and farm scenes.


Fort Erie Racetrack

Both Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto, and Fort Erie Racetrack in Fort Erie, Ontario, were used to double as Belmont Park. (Woodbine for the night scenes and Fort Erie for the day scenes) The saddling enclosure is the Horse Palace of Exhibition Place, in Toronto. Those who have been to these places (myself, worked as a hotwalker at both tracks, and the Horse Palace being my favorite place to visit at the Exhibition) might not even know that is wherescenes from the famous film was made. Cass Ole made a return visit years later for a public display, and despite mad driving for over an hour to get there in time, my father and I just missed him. I also know someone that had lunch with Mickey Rooney while he was filming (coincidentally, a retired jockey!)

Woodbine Racetrack

For the racing scenes, races were filmed from moving dollies behind the horses at Santa Anita Racetrack in California. Microphones were attached to the bellies of the horses, earning the movie an award for best sound. The effect of pounding hooves made the audience feel as though they too, were racing down the track.

Roark Wearing, an apprentice jockey, was Kelly Reno's stand in for the racing scenes.

El Mokhtar

For these scenes, Cass Ole had a stand in as well. His name was El Mokhtar, an arabian stallion. He also came back to do the sequel, The Black Stallion Returns.

Lucky as colt and actor Chase Moore
Lucky as a colt & Chase Moore
as "Richard"
Lucky as foal and mother

Horses of the 1999 movie
"Running Free"
Tommy Hall was head animal trainer
Sled Reynolds was key trainer
Young Lucky Nischa
for Lucky as a colt include:
Jibber Jabber
Chestnut Boer Perd
Welsh cross Arabian
part-bred Arabian
part-bred American Saddler
Adult Lucky as a 10-year-old stallion: Macho
part-bred American Saddler
Caesar (a black stallion)
Beauty (Caesar's offspring)
Grey Mare (Lucky's mom)

Fat Albert

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